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Many photos here on the website do not belong to me. I'm giving credit to a girl named Lucy who is NOT a member on here but deserves a great thanks for having such nice photos here on our site! :D Thanks Lucy!
Inbox me suggestions for Animes to put on the suggestions page, so when others preview the website, they have more Animes to watch because of our suggestions!
Siya from Blood+. Epic Anime and it "only" has 50 episodes on Netflix.

Look in the photo albums to see the new COSPLAY gallery!

The Anime fan site of Iowa, the best place where you can become a member, contact the owner for suggestions on what to put on the website, or even look through the photos and save them as you wish! It's free to become a member and look through the site. It's all in a click!
Afro Samurai, from... Afro Samurai! This, for some reason black guy, anime character has a very epic story behind is life. As a kid his father fought a man named Justice who was after the "Number 1" headband Afro's dad wore. Justice had the Number 2. Justice somehow kills Afro's father and Justice gives Afro the Number 2 headband. Ever since then Afro has been killing with the legendary sword his father had, going up the steps of triumph until Afro reached Justice and exacted his revenge for killing his father. [Only 5 episodes on Netflix. Plus a 1 hr 40 min movie following after the series. I suggest you watch it.]
Chibi is coming soon! Don't fret instead of getting chibi that doesn't belong to me from other places I've decided to create my own. If there's any chibi you request I will put it on the album no questions asked, I don't need to ask you I'll approve of it myself :P or just inbox me on facebook or on here! I love you all thanks for signing up :D